A Wizard Is Nothing Without Its Cane

November 15, 2017

From fantasy to reality, the legends of mighty wizards have been passed down through centuries. A symbol of nobility and power, wizards are the wielders of powerful magic that can vanquish their enemies into oblivion. The source of a wizard’s magic can be traced to his faithful staff.

wizard cane

In any tales of fantasy or in old folklore, a wizard always carries a huge staff, often designed with crests symbolizing the wizard’s allegiance, power or type. Magic performed by a wizard is through these Wizard canes, usually made through elemental cores and dragon heart.

An ice wizard may have a different staff from a fire wizard but the essence of a cane still remains same in any folklore and fantasy, which is to serve the wizard as his faithful companion and a source of immense power. The portrayal of wizard canes has changed quite a lot over the centuries. If you go to any role play or fantasy conventions, you would notice a variety of cosplayers putting on wizard costumes that are entirely different from each other but they all have canes. The common canes are the dragon cane for the white wizard and the skeleton or raven canes for dark wizards. It is believed that the wizards live longer than any of the humans and so does their cane. Thus a wizard is often portrayed as an aging man with a white hair and a great beard. The attire worn by a wizard discloses his nature.

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