How Arcade Games Evolved in The Last Half Century?

September 8, 2017

In 1958, foremost interactive video game named ‘Tennis for two’ was developed followed by ‘Spacewars’ in 1962. However, these did not enter the commercial market, but in 1971 an arcade game, ‘Computer space’ was sold in the commercial market.

The current generation is being raised on lighting speeds and clear graphics on retro games consoles. Gamers are not just teenage boys, but average game player is more than 29 years old.

From laboratory to arcades to shelves to clouds, home video games have experienced rapid and radical evolving process in just fifty years. Games have become affordable and equipped with awesome interactivity along with 3D graphics. With little changes, every now and then consoles are being equipped with superior and quality features, you enjoy today.

retro game

Popular arcade games – How they evolved?

In 1972 Magnavax Odyssey introduced first home video game system. In 1975 to 1977, several game designers entered including Atari, Coleco Telstar, and Wonder wizard. Every year, new and improved models got introduced on the gaming platform. In 1978, Nintendo became a leading player in video gaming industry for 30 years.

Nintendo introduced coloured TV game series. In 1986, Nintendo and Sega struggled for dominance and each released brand-new consoles with an aim to challenge one another’s position. In 1984, Sony entered with its Playstation.

As years passed, consoles go better and better and today there are 3 main competitors including Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation3 and Xbox 360. You can visit online and check the latest Deluxe Retro console, Deluxe Retro Table, 3D printed BES styled console, etc.

Fifty years ago, digital gaming existed in some labs, but it has evolved rapidly and has become an unshakable part of our customs and routine.

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